Volunteering is a great way to support Taylor Middle School and get to know other members of our community. There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, with both small and large time commitments. We ask all parents to volunteer for at least one hour this school year. I would like to receive email on volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Clearance

Clearance involves getting finger printed once for $67, answering a tuberculosis questionnaire, and giving the forms to the school office. Let Taylor PTA know you will get volunteer clearance. We are stronger together!

Current Needs

Students-of-the-month: On Monday, Ms. Siguenza would like a parent volunteer to get drinks from T4 as a reward for the students-of-the-month. Get the order from her in room A1 after lunch, buy the drinks, and drop the drinks off in room A1 by 2:45 PM. Keep the receipt for reimbursement. Volunteer clearance required. Sign up.

Taylor PTA Bulldog Pancake Breakfast: April 21st from 9:30 AM–11:30 AM. Sign up.

Taylor Music Concerts: sign up for Band concert on 7 PM, April 23 and sign up for Strings concert on 7 PM, April 25.

Science Fair Club: Dr. Denisova leads the club on Wednesdays (excluding the first Wednesday of each month). Volunteer clearance required. Sign up.

Taylor Garden Volunteers: To ensure the continued success of our garden program, we’re reaching out to passionate parents like you to volunteer some of your time that will continue into the following school year. Whether you have a green thumb or are simply enthusiastic about supporting our students’ growth, there are various ways you can contribute:

Email Carble Cheung ( carble@gmail.com ) to volunteer. Together, let’s cultivate a thriving environment where our students can blossom and grow!

Taylor PTA is coordinating the following:

Please email info@millbraetaylorpta.org and specify how you’d like to help.

Lunchtime: Spend roughly an hour between noon to 1 PM at the cafeteria, on the field, on Wednesdays at the BARK store. The BARK Store is where students can spend their BARK Bucks. During the school day students can earn BARK Bucks for a variety of reasons. Volunteer clearance required. Sign up.

Music Program: Ms. Negrete (also known as Ms. Amanda to her students) is in need of parent volunteers to come and help out in her 6th period class. Music experience is not required. She would like help directing students and keeping students on task. Volunteer clearance required. Sign up.

Pop-up Workshops: We are seeking parents interested in helping us plan and/or run activities in the areas of math, debates, science fair projects, design and arts. We are exploring all opportunities. If interested, please email info@millbraetaylorpta.org and specify how you’d like to help.

Contribute from home: Writers and communications pros are needed to help to support our communication team with weekly newsletters, ideal for those who prefer a “desk job” and are detail-oriented. Makers are needed for drama props and other equipment needs. For those who enjoy the culinary arts, you can share your creations with faculty, parents, and students. Send email to info@millbraetaylorpta.org.

Party planning: If you love throwing parties, there are countless opportunities to develop creative experiences for student, faculty, and parent events. The biggest events of the year are the Welcome Back International Potluck (formerly Bulldog Bash) and Bulldog Pancake Breakfast. The PTA also hosts breakfasts and lunches for faculty. Make the campus festive during the holiday season, and set up for performances and dances. Send email to info@millbraetaylorpta.org.

Parent education: Just like our students, parents have opportunities to learn. Organize speakers and discussion groups. Send email to info@millbraetaylorpta.org.

Community engagement: Build a tight-knit community at Taylor through groups and events that connect us to each other and the broader community or work on the MEF Gala, the largest Millbrae District parent event each year. Send email to info@millbraetaylorpta.org.

Leadership roles: Taylor PTA needs parents with a variety of backgrounds and interests to take on leadership roles for an entire school year. Taylor PTA works closely with Taylor’s administration and faculty to enrich the Taylor experience for all. Send email to info@millbraetaylorpta.org.