Student Internet Safety

Many students have or will have a phone soon with Internet access. They are able to search any topic unless parental controls are established. Taylor WiFi has established controls so students cannot search freely on their chromebooks and cell phones. Our students' curiosity along with uncontrolled and unmonitored Internet access means they can find inappropriate topics such as pornography, chat rooms, and adult content including drugs, alcohol, and violence.

Cell phones have access to social media apps that aren’t meant for students under the age of 13 years old. Our school, as well as all other schools, have challenges with social media bullying. Students have already learned how to create anonymous accounts where they make memes of others in order to embarrass them and to spread rumors. These anonymous accounts are almost impossible to shut down and to determine who created them.

Visit Common Sense Media website and their links to prepare yourself and your child(ren) for this access.

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